Haven’t posted or even been on here in a minute, sorry! Here’s a gig I’m putting on in a few months!

The CDC says you can now borrow cabs and drums but you need to bring your own heads and breakables.

Good Private Hell practice tonight, gonna record and drop a demo in the new year hopefully (FFO guitar music and paisley scarves). Shout out to those who were at our first and so far only gig under the bridge. We thought it was cold then but it’s 10 below today. Perspective…

Yes I’m a walking stereotype of a 30 something washed HC kid who’s now really into death metal and lifting weights.

Thought this may pique some folks’ interest… one off project I did last year, may turn into a real band, who knows. Four songs in just shy of 5 and a half minutes. FFO fast hardcore and negative lyrics. willtospeak.bandcamp.com/

Spotted at the overpass spot. Kind of a good deal still imo

#OtD 1 Nov 1972 Indian workers at the Mansfield Hosiery Mills in #Loughborough were on strike for pay & against race discrimination. Their union refused to back them till they occupied their offices. They won concessions by December. https://libcom.org/library/women-struggle-mansfield-hosiery-strike

#OtD 28 Oct 1967 Black Panther Huey Newton was stopped by police. A shootout began leaving Newton and 2 cops wounded, one fatally. Newton was handcuffed to his hospital bed, beaten and later jailed but freed on appeal after a massive campaign.

Tony made a good announcement before the set, he played in three out of the four bands and was like " I don't wanna have to play in every band, start playing an instrument, even if you suck at it, start a band and play shows." Hell yeah

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