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@graham_el we would LOVE to see local bands/promo/distros/labels set up accounts here. consider this is also a service for montreal punk/diy in that sense! happy to send over an invite for that if requested!

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Hello new punk house members. If you need an invite code to invite a Montreal punk friend, send me a DM. Si vous avez besoin d'un code invite pour ton ami.e envoie moi un MP! 🤝

Hey remember to check out our @funaday, do something (and post about it ) every day in February (which starts soon!) - we'll all be sharing and cheering each other on! Check out and follow @funaday to get all the info and updates! :hcGoblin: :PunkFelix:

Hello! is hosting / organizing a Fun-A-Day this February and we wanna invite members of our instance (or anyone else who wants) to participate!

Basically, the idea is that you pick an activity or project and you try to do it and/or work on it every day during the month of February. More details to come :PunkFelix:

You can use the hashtag to keep track of your progress and see others', and this account will be boosting participants and giving updates.

:boost_ok: !!

Content Warnings (CWs) in Mastodon hide the main part of a message underneath a title. If people want to see the main message, they click next to the title to open it.

This is used by the post author to hide anything they think other people might not want to see by accident, for example something offensive, potential spoilers or really awful puns.

If a thread contains lots of CWed messages, you can open them all at once by clicking on the 👁️ icon in the top right corner. Clicking on the 👁️ repeatedly toggles the thread's messages open and closed.

Alternatively, you can make all CWs open to you by default by going to Preferences > Appearance > Always expand posts marked with content warnings, then click "Save Changes".

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hey punk house residents, it's the holidays and many people (esp in Montreal) are hanging out at home this week, and probably spending too much time on instagram.

if you want to invite some friends onto here, now is probably a great time. just hit us up for an invite code. montreal-local preferred but we'll take punks and friends from anywhere if they really want to check it out!

Do you have posts you want people to see when they look at your Mastodon profile?

You can pin posts to the top of your profile by going to the post, clicking "..." and then "Pin on profile".

You can pin many posts at once on Mastodon, but be careful not to overdo it as more pinned posts means more scrolling to see the latest post.

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The weather sucks this weekend so I thought we deserved a new custom emoji, welcome PunkFelix :PunkFelix: :PunkFelix: :PunkFelix:

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