It's cold and rainy, and sometimes you need to express your appreciation for personal heating devices in emoji form... Bienvenue à notre emote bouillotte !
:HotWaBa: ❤️ :HotWaBa:

Speaking of CUTE SELFIES and SPICY TAKES - you can also easily add content warnings to posts or mark images as sensitive, so people who don't wanna see that stuff can skip it but people who do wanna see it ... can 😏

More HOT TIPS: Did you know that can customize the privacy for each post! No need to lock your whole account just cause you occasionally wanna post a spicy take or a cute selfie. Just click the little globe icon below the post to toggle from "public" to "unlisted" or "followers only." You can also set your default privacy mode in Preferences.

This is also how you send DM's here, just toggle to the "Direct" option and tag the person or people you wanna send the DM to!

DID YOU KNOW that Mastodon makes it super easy to add text descriptions to the images that you post? It only takes a few seconds, but can help people who use screen readers tell the difference between a cute photo of your dog and a burning cop car :acab: Even a few words description is better than nothing, and unlike other platforms it doesn't add to your character limit or change the text content of your accompanying post.

Let's make the punk house more accessible!