Resistance is in community. Resistance is in relationships. Resistance is in knowing your own story and the stories of those you know.

The fortress that guards the French language is guarded by a magical speaking door. This is me preparing to assail that fortress. (Or I just got this book and I am going to read it, comparing it with the English version of the text.)


I uploaded the mix and forgot to tell anyone:

Seventeen different versions of Pressure Drop. :CoolGarfield:

Biggest things I've noticed about living alone for 2 days is that I'm obsessed with lighting and I actually want to listen to music constantly. Its raining and dark and I'm crashing from the move and feeling disoriented and kinda imposter-y for having a whole huge apartment to myself and this perfect song over and over in variation is very comforting

Sopor Aeternus anyone?

Melancholic, neo-classical, gothy sometimes carnaval-ish darkwave ballads?

TOTAL NADA is looking for a weekly slot on a jamspace. Hit me up if yours has one!

24 - June/Juin - Friday/Vendredi 2022
Battery March
Engine 69

16h @ parc des royaux

23 June / Juin (Thursday / Jeudi) 2022
Ice Island Hardcore Presents

Brain Tourniquet (DC powerviolence)

The Sex

Category 514

Deadbolt (tape release)

20h @ L'hemisphere gauche

Shows this week:
Tomorrow, Brain Tourniquet and Ice Island roster at hemi gauche
Friday (st Jean holiday) Blemish + Asbestos free outside at PARC royaux

This is a good description of the problems of our current state of affairs with the web/social media/etc and also a good prescription.

bbs love 

I will save the "web is a monoculture" rant for later but BBSes were definitely not a monoculture. Most systems that I called were free (or we hacked into them) and run out of someone's living room.

A few that I had a personal connection to...

Sirius Paradox: My friend was developing this system. It was an cyberpunk-y scifi interactive fiction game. Users would discover new areas by getting deeper into the story and conspiracies. The different areas included NPCs (run by the SysOp) who were communicating with the users and adding to the story. It didn't get very far along but the idea was brilliant.

Pyroto Mountain: This was a game where ppl answered trivia questions to ascend a mountain. Each plateau had spells associated with it and users could earn/spend mana to cast spells (including attack and harvesting spells on other users). It also had message boards at the different plateaus and an algorithm to determine message quality because good messages would earn you mana IIRC (and were even required). It was developed in Montreal.

My friend created his own version of Pyroto Mountain based on
Vampire the Masquerade, which included clans and city politics

@vt52 @RadDevon
That is a good one. I also recommend you, its a search engine for simple & non-commercial websites.

@RadDevon might I recommend marginalia (in case you're unfamiliar)?

(the random page service is a joy in itself)



Rassemblement à l’occasion de la fin du procès pour incitation à la haine du néonazi Gabriel Sohier Chaput, alias « Zeiger »
Quand : Le 8 juillet 2022, de 11 h à 14h
Où : Palais de justice de Montréal, 10, rue Saint-Antoine Est
[métro Place d’Armes)
[English :in the fb event link

En février-mars dernier, Gabriel Sohier Chaput, un Québécois de 27 ans considéré comme l’un des plus importants propagandistes de la mouvance néonazie internationale de la dernière décennie, subissait à Montréal son procès pour « incitation à haine ».
N’ayant pas réussi à boucler les procédures dans les trois journées initialement prévues, la Couronne livrera ses arguments finaux à l’occasion d’une quatrième et dernière journée de procès le 8 juillet prochain.

A beautiful performance from a little cafe in Malang, Indonesia called Legipait. It is part of a series of nights called Blue Monday (there are more videos). It was sent to me by someone I started talking to in Indonesia after sending a mixtape to support the punks who were being oppressed in Aceh ~10 years ago. This really makes my heart swoon — the song and the gesture.

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