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Lots of great point's on Kevin Driscoll's article "The Internet Origin Story You Know Is Wrong", specifically highlighting the role of #BBS in the history of the Internet.

Brainfarts about consciousness 

@astralstreeting if you accept that conscious experience is likely very different between individual humans, and that you can't reallt know what it's like to be conscious me vs conscious you, than there is really no reason you can restrict beings who have a conscious experience of some kind to humans only. it seems obvious that many non-human animals with similar brains and bodies to us experience some kind of consciousness, possibly as different from an 'average' of the human conscious experience as the difference between two opposite extremes of the spectrum human consciousness experience by whatever arbitrary measure you wanted to take. Conscious experience is certainly a spectrum (or spectrums), and definitely does not stop at human, perhaps stops at mammals (I doubt it) perhaps we get really hippy and suppose it stops nowhere and is continuous down to plain old matter (I also doubt this). Anyways this perspective informs my decision not to harm, consume, or exploit non-human (and human) animals to the extent possible.

Given that, there is no absolute barrier preventing non-organic and/or 'artificial' organizations of matter (ie computers? Or machines?) to eventually achieve some kind of conscious experience that is somewhat similar to our own.... 👇

I can't remember who posted the link to fmovies on fedi, but it's been a real treat for streaming pretty much anything. Very excited to finally watch Mad God (Phil Tippett's stop motion crusty apocalyptic nightmare 30 years in the making) in this weird sickness haze.

CW: It's very gross, gooey, gory and grotesque!

Mad ravings about art & commerce 

A few people have offered to pay me for my photographs out of respect and appreciation for the effort (and expense). I think it is honest work and these offers have always come from a good place. However, I always refuse. I don't want this activity to be "work".

I will accept beer, food, and being guestlisted. They are one step removed from actual money and I can enjoy those things as part of the whole social experience. I never ask for these for things though. If people give me money, I will just buy something stupid or give it to my landlord, Visa, Hydro-Quebec, or whatever. All of these recipients see me as a resource and not as a human being.

Consequently, I also stopped taking pictures of *every* band and I have prioritized local bands over touring bands. If I don't feel it in the moment, I won't take photos (regardless of whether I am enjoying the performance or not).

I also don't "license" my "work". Everybody can always have it for free and use it in whatever way they want. I appreciate attribution but I don't really care that much about it. I can always make more photos. People who steal other people's art have a creative deficient. Though honestly, it has never happened to me, so it is not even on my radar.

Brainfarts about consciousness 

I think this idea of a computer becoming self-aware is ridiculous, at least in terms of how human beings actually experience themselves.

The question of consciousness has been beaten to death and nobody has a definitive answer. Our models of it suffer from "the map is not the territory problem". But as human beings, we're in the terrain, with no way to build a complete picture from the inside. (using consciousness). If we accept that two people can experience consciousness differently (and I do), then any end-user of consciousness has just as much to say about the experience as anybody else. So if we don't know then how can we even say that a computer experiences consciousness in the same way a human does?

I have an intense curiosity about the different shapes and forms that consciousness takes in my fellow humans. For this reason, I can never see people as resources. I also worry about the effect of mediation (by commerce, etc) on our ability as humans to express our unique experiences of human consciousness and share them. A lot of this wild expressiveness is being shaped into a thing that earns money and instant social validation rather than a thing that we express and share in its raw (unmediated) form.


Napkin thoughts about AI 

“Google's AI Is Self-Aware And Has A Soul, Suspended Engineer Says” was my favorite headline last week. Of course it is not true. what is true is that GPT-3 is making some people crazy and forcing an existential crisis. This is a really interesting phenomena to me. I have encountered a few bloggers who were also driven crazy (or their blogs are convos they are having with themselves about GPT-3 but it is impossible to tell either way).

Anyhow, I played with GPT-3 a few months ago. My naive impression is that it is just a really effective ladle to pick out a novel and meaningful looking set of letters from a giant bowl of alphabet soup. The alphabet soup here is just human generated text. You can also add new letters to the soup for the next pass of the ladle, so it adapts as you use it. But that is all it is to me — a really good ladle for querying novel things from this particular representation of human knowledge. It has many uses but it is also a parlour trick. Unfortunately, it will be weaponized by spammers and media organizations (media is just advertising anyhow at this moment in human history).

The thing about large language models like GPT-3 and Lambda describing the experience of being self-aware is they can also describe the experience of being a squirrel.

Marquis de Sade - Who Said Why

Remember the nights
We looked for new words
When we woke up
We chose our world
A walk in cold streets
A talk about strange things…

Cannot seem to find the fast-forward button on today…

16 June / Juin - Thursday / Jeudi - 2022

"good shows presènte:
Béton Armé - Montreal
(HXC Francaise)

Podium - Valencia, Spain
(Spanish HXC)

Caniche - Montreal
(HXC Francaise)

Frvits - Montreal
(Fast Punk)


Hemisphere Gauche
221 Rue Beaubien E
15$ PWYC"

Please share widely in your networks

2022 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair

Callout for proposals (workshops, tables, events, care space)


Tonight in the D&D game I’m running, my players spent a full hour and a half debating if they would allow the postal service to open a location in their settlement

It was incredible. #ttrpg

For those who watched "The Baldies" documentary, I just came across this and think it could be of interest to some people here. Cheers.

However, while performing a security audit of the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, security researcher Zach Edwards discovered that while the browser blocks Google and Facebook trackers, it allowed Microsoft trackers to continue running.

DuckDuckGo CEO and Founder Gabriel Weinberg confirmed that their browser intentionally allows Microsoft trackers third-party sites due to a search syndication agreement with Redmond.


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