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this email feels particularly pointed for @peoplelikedogs and I

(dog) food - not vegan 

I made tiny sweet potato topped shepherd's pie to celebrate Toast's 1 year adopt-anniversary on Sunday. 🍞

sunday meaningful mundane things 

delivered garlic and ginger to friends with covid, purchased from their neighborhood's community run grocery store. there's now a garden where there used to be a paved alley.

I am going to the Botanical Garden today for an intro conference/board meeting of one of the three research projects I am a part of this year - I am most excited about the "behind the scenes" aspect (it's in a zone that's not accessible to the public), the architecture, and the plant walk with skilled scientists and other botany enthusiasts 🌱

haven't been on here in a minute. now the roses are blooming.

i'm obviously not at the gig, but thought I should share (for the lol) that I only realised like last week that "Traxide" meant like "track's side" and... 🤯 oh to be a franco who doesn't go to shows anymore.

sober misadventure 

last night I found out 0% beers still dehydrate you and in retrospect going to the river after getting a vaxx booster was a questionable choice lol. had a full night of feeling hungover as fuck and mad body aches. the more you know :jokerfied: at least I had a nice time?

got my 4th covid shot this morning. Moderna this time. so sleepy

Google Play Books seems convenient since I could seemlessly upload my notes into my Google Drive which seems... useful?

more tablets ; what app do ppl use to read eBooks on an iPad? Books seems limited and Kindle is owned by Amazon. I think I could upload pdf's to both vut I also have the option to just use Adobe for that? i don't know what I'm doing :blobfoxdrakedislike:

joking but not 

The phrase "touch grass" is rooted in colonialism and white supremacy and is incompatible with a sustainable future. In this essay I will--

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I feel better after remembering cauliflower "wings" are a thing (and making some)

on the plus side I know I have provided at least 6 different people (windows?) with machines purchased by my parents in the early 2000s lol. it goes a long way and a new one would likely last probably as long? i hope?

very upset that I feel consumer guilt about buying an new AC and fan to keep my animals comfy because mine are old AF and the noise is driving me crazy - don't we just love capitalism

gardening with Toast is hard lol. she isn't confident enough to just chill in the backyard yet so I had to manage her a lot and leave her inside for some bits. we'll get there!

today I am weeding ground elder and garlic mustard, planting raspberries, two diff kinds of astilbes, a blue hosta, pig squeak, and lily of the valley in pots. among the ground elder I found hostas and strawberries! 🌱

time to (hopefully) finish my house tattoo today 😎💀

Tramsphobia has ruined many cities across the globe. Let us all fight for trams rights.

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