cw work adjacent 

this email feels particularly pointed for @peoplelikedogs and I

(dog) food - not vegan 

I made tiny sweet potato topped shepherd's pie to celebrate Toast's 1 year adopt-anniversary on Sunday. 🍞

old timey photo, mention of injury 

sometimes I'll see photos like this and my brain will be like "ah yes you separated your shoulder in this alley 42 years after this photo was taken", because I did lol

picture by Patricia Ling from Archives de la ville de Montréal

photo of the Moon Landing on TV in 1969 

Been thinking a lot about how the ties between my blood family and I were broken when I was really young through intergenerationnal trauma and conflict, but I am now finding a lot joy and beauty connecting with them through sharing old photos with someone special to me in the present.

Plus, honestly, how cool is that ????
Photo my maternal grandfather took of the TV during the screening of the moon landing in 1969.

selfie / rant 

don't get me wrong I love my dog, but puppy parenting alone and tackling her fear/anxiety based reactivity has been super isolating. def is contributing to a seemingly never ending cycle of Bad Brain™️. At least she does cute stuff like this haha. 🍞 forever ~