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today I am weeding ground elder and garlic mustard, planting raspberries, two diff kinds of astilbes, a blue hosta, pig squeak, and lily of the valley in pots. among the ground elder I found hostas and strawberries! 🌱

time to (hopefully) finish my house tattoo today 😎💀

Tramsphobia has ruined many cities across the globe. Let us all fight for trams rights.

best cheapest laptop repair store in Montreal? help lol my thinkpad t420 is likely dead/dying


last drink was 3 years ago today. having big mixed feels about it since I was already trying to quit before and would still do it on occasions? I'm glad milestones in sobriety are subjective haha.

better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission? surely this applies to cooperative living gardening.

so at my great surprise my neighbor wasn't really on board with my plan to progressively replace our grass lawn by clover. well, it is sprouting.

There are no weeds, only out-of-place plants... except for ground elder, fuck that shit.

my least favorite part about crashing my bike dramatically is also the most crucial one, or when 7 people in a row asked me if I was okay earlier when I was like 2 seconds away from my house lol. :HotWaBa:

I'll even help the primitivists start a mastodon instance idaf.

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dog levels are 54% and rising

(54%) ■■■■■□□□□□

some of us want more responsabilities at work, until we gotta be the bad guy, then it sucks

are tablets worth it? are eReaders or whatever they're called better? mostly looking to carry less paper, read eBooks, take notes on said eBooks, and read pdf's or take notes. suggestions pleaseee :black_computer:

I keep running into the same White Dreaded Oogle who told me (and I quote) he was "starstruck by how I look, the cool stack of packages on the bike, so beautiful and strong, lowkey falling in love with me" when I was doing a Nasty Big Cargo run the ither day. Uncomfy lol.

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