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book thoughts (rant?), free internet libraries 


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I steal books.

I will walk into an independent bookstore, take things off the shelves, and walk out.

I will download a dozen books a day if I'm in research mode, knowing full well I won't read all of them.

I give away all the books that come into my possession, physical or otherwise. I share. I pass them on. I make sure it flows.

There's a house where I've lived for a year. A dozen people live here. It's a community hub. I've donated a hundred books or more.

In the city, I love scouring little-free-library style book boxes, taking and leaving based on whatever's in my bag. I use libraries. I exchange with friends. I ask, borrow, and return upon request. Old books, used books, new books, rare books. Doesn't matter. I'm more likely to take it for free than buy it.

Why? I have just enough money to survive, and books are a luxury. A book costs 15, 30, 50 dollars. I've bought books before. Particularly directly from small publishers. But now I can't afford to do that.

I don't hoard books anymore. I don't have a personal bookshelf with 50, 100, 200 little spines staring at me while I try to decide what to read next. I carry a book around, I read it, I put it down somewhere where someone else can read it.

It's a habit of mine to have more books come into my possession on a regular basis. I've stopped thinking of them as "my books". Whatever few books I have with me at a given moment are there temporarily. They are useful. They are entertaining. They are wonderful adventures and mind-expanding stores of information. Digital or otherwise.

I have an offline calibre database, poorly organized. I have two e-ink devices, bought used.

I read more than the statistical average, and less than plenty of the folks on the fediverse.

I am continually saddened by the very idea of copyright. I am saddened that paper is made mostly from trees. I am sad my computer is made of rare earth metals. I am sad that governments enforce business interests. I am sad that independent publishing has no money.

I steal books before I am poor and I am a writer and I need to read in order to write in order to feel my days are meaningful. Maybe that's my own bullshit, idk.


You may have noticed that ca1lib.org, z-lib.org/, gen.lib.rus.ec/, libgen.io/, and doubtlessly other sites have gone down and/or been seized by the FBI.

So how to keep book sharing alive?

I know of library.memoryoftheworld.org/ which has an excellent collection of academic works (mostly PDF, some epub).

There's SoulseekQT, which is a peer-to-peer network with some books, mostly music.

Raddle has a decent list of free online libraries, somewhat out of date (2017): raddle.me/f/books/6033/list-of

libgen.is/ is a library genesis mirror that works as of today (nov 16 2022)

Monoskop has a list of shadow libraries and a general interest in freedom of information (if somewhat high-brow): monoskop.org/Shadow_libraries

I've never used Ubuweb, but there's a lot of specialized content: ubu.com/

Oh, not to forget that there are two onion links for z-library: