Some underreported news:
Mine in Burkina Faso run by Canadian mining corp Trevali was wrecked by flash flooding on April 16th.

Most recent English news says at least 8 miners are trapped and the gov of BF is trying to keep the mine managers from leaving the country so they can be held responsible for the disaster.

Trevali for their part has post-poned their seemingly public Q1 report conference call to May 16th:

#OtD 6 May 1933 Nazis raided the Institute of Sex Research in Berlin. It was a pioneering org which supported gay and trans rights, and equality for women. It employed numerous trans workers and pioneered gender affirmation surgery. Its library was then burned

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Petite information pratique pour les camarades qui vont aux rassemblements pour la paix en ce moment. Si vous voyez flotter ce drapeau, contrairement à ce que les couleurs puissent le laisser présager, ce ne sont ni des communistes libertaires ni des camarades.

“Many blame queers for the decline of this society–we take pride in this. Some believe that we intend to shred-to-bits this civilization and its moral fabric–they couldn’t be more accurate. We’re often described as depraved, decadent and revolting–but oh, they ain’t seen nothing yet.”

#BashBack #QueerInsurrection #Resistance #BurnTexas

i saw this in berlin and it shook me physically. it took me a few hundred metres to recover.

Finally finished this up, now i can wear the jacket out again. Patch is old bootleg ebay tshirt

Looks like an incredible attack on coastal gaslink's intrusion on Wet'suwet'en land in so-called BC... this article is from the company but if half of this is true, it's impressive as hell:

If you want to start taking steps to enhance your digital security, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some simple concepts and tips.

#OtD 13 Feb 1913 82-year-old labour activist Mother Jones was arrested in West Virginia for supporting a coal miners strike. Convicted in a military court she was sentenced to 20 years in #prison. Pardoned after serving 85 days.

Les affiches pour la manifestation annuelle contre la brutalité policière sont sorties!

So, 10 ans après la grève étudiante de 2012 des gens tentent de relancer un mouvement revendiquant la gratuité scolaire!

Nous sommes aujourd’hui le Décadi 20 Pluviôse de l’an CCXXX (230)
Nous célébrons la Serpette

I dont want "intelligent" drum and bass. I want dirty, ignorant, hooliganish drum and bass.

Quebec is a small
village in County Durham,
in North East England

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