The grinder’s eternal dilemma:

New Verify is here
Our powerviolence project band with a live lineup and first show coming soon??

Starting to look like I am going to need a Real Job™️ not long after my return to Canada, which is going to be extra difficult bc of Bill 96.

I love fixing my own gear whether it be musical or photographic. There’s something so satisfying about knowing your own equipment.

Testing out the photo descriptions function with this picture of Hatred Surge shot on Ektar 100.

This weekend was a real hell-shoot. A loose screw on my flash coupler stripped my rewind knob from the interior claw, ruining the second roll of film I shot. Now I need to find a new knob for my in-the-meantime useless Canon F1. Big reminder to check your gear before a shoot.

Very tired of taking colour film to supposedly professional labs for them to only fuck it up. Got film back from photo st denis today and not only did they rip through a lot of the perforations on the film, but they cut the last image on the roll in half. Amateur hour.

New movie camera is loaded with fresh film and minimum focusing distances noted on the side. 😎
Been wanting something simple like this ever since my Eumig C3M was lost!

Is anyone from thee punkhouse going to this? I just got a ticket today and am not sure how I’m getting down to NYC yet.

Got to to train with a former pro footballer from Tunisia for like two hours and now I can barely walk home.

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Since the start of the pandemic I’ve been involved with 4 different bands recording 5 demos, none of which have been released yet. Not playing shows really destroyed punks’ ability to “finish.”

Didn’t intend to football-post on mastodon so much but here I am, on my bullshit.

The extremely left-wing fan owned club Bohemians (also the oldest football club in Ireland) recently announced this Bob Marley away kit commemorating his final performance in Ireland (took place at their grounds) and it’s so unhinged that it’s great.

What is your preferred drumming footwear?

If anyone wants to kick a football (not a match or anything organized) around in a park tomorrow hmu. You don’t even have to be good! I haven’t played in ten years and I was never good.

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