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Wooohooi c'est la journée de la nouvelle LA CHAÎNE hiiii its new LA CHAÎNE day (sorry this one is pretty much 100% English, oops) feat. reader submitted TOP 5s OF 2022, with a few top 6s thrown in for good measure, why not. Grab your copy at the Indian Giver/Eliza Kavtion/category show tonight, sinon at S.H.I.T. in the pool this saturday!

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Doors at 7pm. Show will start at 730pm sharp. There are a lot of bands. Verify is first and if you come late, you will miss us.

We will have KN95 masks at the door. Feel free to bring your own mask and be encouraged to wear it 😷

Here is the set order:

Jane Harms
No War

If you can't be there in person, here is the live stream link:

Consider donating to ASTTeQ even if you don't attend in person! Donations are via Cactus, you can choose ASTTeQ in the "Fund" dropdown:

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This week is the one year anniversary of my friend Blair passing away. They made this drawing many years ago, and a friend printed this huge poster of it after they died. It expresses how a lot of us felt at losing them to this shitty world that endlessly destroys queer and trans people (and so many others).

I didn't think I would be sharing anything about them online today, or this week. But I see a lot of my friends on here hurting and angry today. I hope sharing these words and drawing from Blair will help focus our rage and grief against this world that must be destroyed. 🔥

"To whom it may concern...

It is killing everything we love, it has taken too many to ever be forgiven. So many are in pain and dying at your 'invisible' hand. We see through your bullshit. We are not impressed with your attempts at 'tolerance'

Our children will dance on your ruins."

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Sunday December 4th 2022
✰ Blair Lauren Memorial Benefit Show ✰

"One year after our last gathering to remember Blair we are throwing a spectacular show to raise money in their name and support each other in the cold dark winter. All are welcome, even if you never knew Blair - just come for a great show and to contribute to the cause."


✰ Blemish (post-punk)

✰ No War (peace punk)

✰ Peeve (punk)

✰ Jetsam (powerviolence for lovers)

✰ Jane Harms (gendersludge)

✰ Verify (powerviolence for haters)

✰ Order Of Operations (first show!)


PWYC/NOTAFLOF but we are collecting donations for ASTT(e)Q (
Suggested donation $10-$20

The event will be livestreamed as well!

Doors at 7pm, at La Sala Rosa

flyer drawn by Nico

RIP Blair Lauren

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Things I have moved by cargo bike in the last 24 hrs: a sectional couch, 7 potted house plants, 75lbs of t shirts (not pictured cause that was just regular work stuff).

While these are things I acquired directly from people who were moving and not in the trash, I wish everyone a wonderful trash christmas, may you find exactly what you were needing today.

About to go on a long bike tour and I'm kinda bored of podcasts rn (maybe the endless/repetitive ads are getting to me).

ISO audiobook recommendations - probably mostly just into sci fi and/or gay stuff, but open to other things.

If been very bad at posting due to reasons but I'm back to share this perfect sign from a lobby on this extremely sad, rainy day.

- today I played guitar again! Nothing exciting to note.

But shout out to the whirring fan (?) belt (?) ventilation system (???) on the near-by building (I think) which sounds almost exactly like crickets/peepers. Falling asleep imagining it's summer and I'm in the country for the last month or so has been great.

Ok I fell off after day 2 due to several stresses and puppy care and generally being avoidant, so today just played along to a couple albums I know pretty well, figured out a screamo solo bit that's been in my head for months and played along to some fast hardcore. I'm torn between wanting to get better at noodly shit and just real fast power chords. Maybe I can pull both?

To start it off, I jammed tonight. Here's a snippet of a song we wrote tonight ft. me messing up the drum part (sorry bandmates for sharing a very unfinished song 😬 )

Ok barely getting in for my first - was gonna do riff-a-day, but settling for anything music (-a-day). Thay could be play guitar (I just got a fun new electric which helps make it exciting!), drum alone, jam, or mess around w mixing/mastering. For accountability, I'm gonna try to figure out some kind of sticker chart system to use alongside actually posting here cause I gotta be real about how bad I am at social media. But I'll try to post some things along the way.

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Hello! is hosting / organizing a Fun-A-Day this February and we wanna invite members of our instance (or anyone else who wants) to participate!

Basically, the idea is that you pick an activity or project and you try to do it and/or work on it every day during the month of February. More details to come :PunkFelix:

You can use the hashtag to keep track of your progress and see others', and this account will be boosting participants and giving updates.

:boost_ok: !!

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It's Thursday, so it's time for the Turbo Haus Punk Rock Jam Night!

Critter is hosting this week, so they will open and close the night! @itskelly + @scabrielle

Someone do me a favour and see if Sergio will make an account so he can post TH events on here himself!

Awesome flyer by @Lisaczech

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Right now in so-called Montreal
Action in solidarity with Gidimt'en and Likhts'amisyu land defenders

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