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i like anarchy and the search for self discipline. gender nonconforming femme (they/them or she/her if you know me). fan of industrial/punk/goth/noise music. probably too in to SciFi and dark fantasy. interested in learning new skills, sharing information, boosting buds. borderline ornery bike messenger. yelling in a punk band helps a lot. learning to skateboard, paint miniatures, play the bass and tattoo. currently based in Montreal.

A very cool, kinda soothing town building simulator called Townscraper. This is just a demo but I've been building little water villiages all morning.

Abolish school! Abolish work! Abolish bedtimes!


Blair spent a lot of time in the Minecraft server searching deep in to the world and building many advanced tools/machines/a beautiful lighthouse. My favourite will always be their first house, full of ducks that could be heard at all hours quacking and many hilarious signs like this one that says "PLEASE DO NOT LET THE DUCKS OUT OR THE COPS IN"


I've never met anyone else who could make you feel so loved like 10 seconds after meeting them, who got every joke every time, and could tell a joke that noone else got except that one person across the room who lost their shit over how funny it was.

Blair was forever in everyone's corner.

@Blankie and I finished the Garden of Earthly Delights puzzle tonight. Puzzles have been such a calm and meditative experience.

Nebula in a jar update. I'm very stoked on how the colours have settled, just wished I used more black sprinkles. 💅

oh, why must every 11 minutes of my life be filled with misery? why-y-y-y?!

Hanging out with handpig while I struggle to layer this orange paint on some fun but challenging miniatures. All the details are nice to pick out and paint, but the pigments in the orange are taking several layers to look nice.

Absolutely chuffed with this new pour over/coffee vessel combo that @Blankie whipped up! Look at those colours !!! 🤩

🐼 Getreue Abbildungen naturhistorischer Gegenstände in Hinsicht auf Bechsteins kurzgefasste gemeinnützige Naturgeschichte des In- und Auslandes:
Nürnberg: In der Schneider und Weigelschen Kunst- und Buch- handlung,[1793-1809]

When that post band practice vocal cord fry hits just right 😌😌😌

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