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@funaday also i did not notice my phone autocorrect of ukulele to yukele. Weird. You all know what i mean lolol

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Dear @funaday community, anyone have a yukele i can borrow for the month? I am gonna try and learn for my activity!

Just heard about this bookstore in ndg. Diverse childrens books at affordable prices. 😍

@funaday i desperately need this motivation / accountability to get back playing guitar.

Andrea boosted is "hosting" Fun-A-Day this February. We're encouraging our users (and anyone else who wants!) to participate. If you're [insert winter/pandemic/life under capitalism problems] and looking for a little external support and encouragement in doing a project, fostering a new habit or just shaking up your routine, you're welcome to join us!

Post with the hashtag if you wanna participate, and follow @funaday for updates and to see what others are up to!

Feel silly for leaving beverages in the veranda when its so cold. Some bublys and a bunch of iced teas exploded lol. The bubly most dramatically with the top shooting off and blowing right through the box !

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Keeping warm by going through Elena Chernyshova's photos of the arctic city of Norilsk, which is in darkness for 45 days a year.

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I've never met anyone else who could make you feel so loved like 10 seconds after meeting them, who got every joke every time, and could tell a joke that noone else got except that one person across the room who lost their shit over how funny it was.

Blair was forever in everyone's corner.

I can hear the gig already from pizza bouquet