From a CO2 emissions perspective, it is better to download a video or music file that you are going to watch or listen to multiple times than to stream it.


I've never met anyone else who could make you feel so loved like 10 seconds after meeting them, who got every joke every time, and could tell a joke that noone else got except that one person across the room who lost their shit over how funny it was.

Blair was forever in everyone's corner.

Lol so did the Gazette google translate a well-known but shitty french chant that is already a translation of a well-known but still shitty english chant?

@peoplelikedogs "Pouvez-vous m'éxpliquer, la democratie, ça ressemble à quoi? Ben c'est ce-ici, en fait!" les manifestants ont crié en anglais en arrivant au Carré Matante...

Anyone out there read both Worshiping Power and The Dawn of Everything who wants to do a compare and contrast of the analysis for me? I took the easy route and listened to the podcasts.

Yes I’m a walking stereotype of a 30 something washed HC kid who’s now really into death metal and lifting weights.

One more! This book is technically a "typography manual" and there is a lot of technical stuff in it that I also reference constantly, but I'm usually coming back to it for passages like this that bowl me over and so poetically articulate my complex feelings about how to relate to tradition and rules and by extension what it means to both honor and/or subvert those things when it makes sense to do so.

Okay the new Tinnitustimulus LP on Hot Releases is a hot release that is stimulating my tinnitus

Anyone want this crate of Black Seed #7 ? There is... a lot!

They arrived one day late for the Montréal Anarchist Bookfair in 2019, lol. I am now their steward

Please boost! Let's get some or all of them to good homes

#askfedi #mtl
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