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we set up our own instance and i moved my account here! hello!

Just gonna start putting the bonnano quote: "Freedom is a destructive concept that involves the absolute elimination of all limits" on top of like scifi images to do a little trolling

Really enjoying seeing all the anarchists I follow on here constantly debating and chatting about and technology and anarchism. Having the same convos in my real life every day. It's in the air!

Die Kundgebungen laufen noch! Seid nochmal richtig laut für die Leute auf dem Platz und zeigt den Bullen wie scheiße sauer wir alle sind! // Manifestations still going on. Be loud for the ppl on the platz and show the cops how fucking angry we are

thank you to everyone who is at kopi today inside and out. United we fight! #b1510 #KöpiBleibt

Thanks for all the solidarity actions! We send love and support to all of you!. Tomorrow morning at 10am the police will try to kick us from our homes. We will not leave without resistance.
#b1510 #köpiplatz

Rare and excellent buzzer system encountered today. Apartment listing is all backlit green text and every apartment (in a large building) has it's own labeled buzzer button. Never change.

Saw this poster in very different parts of town today. Makes me nervous.

Lee Fang has all these terrible takes because he's just mad that his brother plays drums in Turnstile and he doesn't

Very excited that our new book, Alan Lea’s debut novella Hermetica just arrived!

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