Gustavo discography thread?

Uzu also features @ML on bass (the best instrument in any band)

Pretty much I probably don't need to intro any of the bands in this thread

I'm in Wired today talking about why social media bot detection tools that social scientists and others rely on are largely bullshit:

Today is the last day of our fundraising drive. A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far, and all those who have supported us over the years. Without your generous support, we can’t keep doing what we do.

Don't miss the latest #CanadianTireFire, featuring a roundup of autonomous and anti-colonial news, action, and analysis on social struggles across so-called Canada.

@VanisleJay @mart0 Should you feel like delving into some history. Not exclusively Haligonian but with an obvious bias toward the region

This summer, IGD turned 7! As things heat up again on the streets - we're more excited than ever to continue to be an engaging autonomous media platform. We're also in a crisis + need to raise $2k by the end of the month to continue. Help us meet our goal!

Holy shit hadn't talked to deedos in a while and their voice is so deep now! So happy the hormones are working out for them! @subMedia

Last boost is the next Verify show. November 4th with Physique and many others as part of the Search For The Sun fest.

NOVEMBER 3-5 2022

3 nights to embrace your inner insane fucker
—SFTS #1: Thursday November 3rd—
Slash Need (Toronto)

Dermabrasion (Toronto)


Split Layer


@ Hemisphere Gauche
$15 Presale / $20 Door

—SFTS #2: Friday November 4th—
Physique (Olympia)

Fugitive Bubble (Olympia)

Black Dog (Halifax)

Fertilizer (Toronto)


CPU Rave


@ Piranha Bar
$30 Presale / $35 Door

—SFTS #3 Saturday November 5th—
Electric Chair (Olympia)

Poison Ruin (Philadelphia)

Hotline TNT (NYC)




@ Foufones Electrique (Downstairs)
$30 Presale / $35 Door

Presale for all shows will be up until November 1st

Today, in protest against the military mobilization in Russia, one man set himself on fire, while another shot the head of the local recruitment commission. There have been at least 55 arson attacks since the beginning of the invasion, a third of them in the past week.

But do Russian protesters have any chance of stopping the war?

We explore the state of the Russian anti-war movement and the potential for unrest in Russian society at large.

@dantescanline ok i messaged @sore_mind off fedi and he didn't know but he did find this reddit thread, basically reinforces our hypothesis that nobody knows where it started but it 1. looks cool 2. is kind of a sweatband 3. maybe holds your charged hair up (seems dubious)


It's been around two weeks since SHH! THIS IS A LIBRARY project launched. Some good discussions are slowly happening over on the forums. Come by and join us in conversation about all the anarchist texts on the library. You can participate anonymously or register a user. Antipolitics forums 2.0? ;D

Not a great photo of Warkrusher, but hopefully this gives you the vibe.

[updated] In - or - right now, there's a pretty large rally happening at Norman Bethune Square (corner of Guy and Maisonneuve) regarding the situation in and the death of

The cops have blocked Guy from Sainte-Catherine to Sherbrooke

My guess (from 45 mins ago or so, and I'm not expert) is somewhere between 6000 and 10,000 people (e.g. not as large with the (basically in effect) related thing that happened yesterday. But it's getting there

Check out this feed on the 🐦 website :

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