Serious security vulnerability in Tails 5.0 due to security vulnerability in the JavaScript engine of Firefox and Tor Browser.

how it is affecting Tails:

This vulnerability will be fixed in Tails 5.1 (May 31), but our team doesn't have the capacity to publish an emergency release earlier.

A warning about this security vulnerability is displayed during system start.
By that we make sure all Tails user are well informed.

What is your preferred drumming footwear?

I have a couple questions about using #orbot on Android!

1. Does it use different circuits for different applications? I'm wondering if it would be potentially deanonymizing to mix apps.

2. If I used the Tor Browser with Orbot enabled, what would happen? Will it use Orbot's connection for browsing, or maybe route through Tor twice? I want the browser's anti-fingerprinting functionality, but hopefully not have to go through Tor twice and endure the lower speeds that would come with it.

Dunstan Bruce on The Untold Story of Chumbawamba
Dunstan Bruce of the anarchist band Chumbawamba joined us to talk about his music, political movements, aging film-making and most recent documentary "I Get Knocked Down: The Untold Story of Chumbawamba".

Mixtape club success. 12 people made a mix, made 5 copies and receive 5 different mixes in return. Fun and easy to organize. New mixtapes all summer :PunkFelix:

Stolen and sent to me. Saving this for the next show I put on.

Drunk guy yelling incoherently outside the is anti gentrification action :jokerfied:

Which classic Quebec rockers did it best ?

Very sweet of Gale to keep me company the last few days I've been working my new computer job, I was anxious about my first deadline but she's been right there snoozing in her little box

Cute date idea:
1. Get your booster at decarrie square and shop for discount sneakers at Shooz
2. Get doubles or roti at Spicees on Victoria

many places offering walk in for new booster. Seems like everywhere is not busy. Here's a list to find one near you:

buffalo William C Anderson once again bringing Martin Sostre into the conversation. « let us embrace both the beauty of spontaneity and the precision of organization that comes with rebellion. »

Perfect shorts + longsleeve weather today, ie perfect weather.

(1.B) With the understanding that all noodles are good noodles, what is your preference?

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