@mart0 depends on what a threat means here and what society we talkin about i guess :) lacks context imo

@malherida if I can track down the author, I'll ask them lol

@mart0 @malherida

pretty sure I agree. I cannot think of one example of a society taken down by penises and/or vaginas

@gohabsgo @mart0 they are body parts! they mean nothing with no context same can be said about violence

@gohabsgo @mart0 i think just is a deliberatley vague message, as slogans tend to be.that way we project our beliefs into them. very cool instance your in btw will peep!!

@mart0 as a known misery I am indeed a threat to society. Can't vouch for the rest of this message however.

@jockhardware @mart0
Fuck this capitalist society, everything should be a threat to this flaming turd.

@jockhardware @mart0

Although I also can only vouch for misery being a threat to it tbh. Violence is kind of the state's only game.

@mart0 i’m not usually someone who cares if someone mixes up the possessive and the plural, but the inconsistency here is fascinating.

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