I’m here if anyone needs to talk. Hit me up for a phone number

Honestly I think it’s iconic that Djuna Barnes really said “no homo”

Imagining that the guy in the cafe did a double take because I’m hot and not because I look like a clown

Completely forgot that I agreed to play some weird fest in Texas in the spring

Punk social media, don’t tell anyone that the Genetica demo art is a drawing of s*x

Should I go to Hamilton for the day on Saturday?

Poetry is Queer by Kirby is a great book and you should all read it.

GENETICA recordings are finally done. Just waiting on Leo to make the j-cards & we have to order the tapes (I’m gunning for either royal blue or primitive computer grey). Back in the saddle doing vocals 😳. Was nice to drum in a band that Leo is recording (love how he records drums). Very excited to share

Oops sorry I was offline for a second, my boyfriend was here. Don’t worry, he’s gone now and I’m depressed & online again.

That’s a paper about Nuclear Death lyrics that Chase recommended btw

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This is the only edition I’ve come across in bookstores (naturally, in the wild) & it’s so heinous. Had this edition before but gave it to a lover in Boston who probably never read it, or if he did was like “eh dis chick is into sum weird shit!”

D-beat side project, me - drums, vocals & Leo - guitar, bass. Maybe we can throw a show together if Sameio comes to town 👀

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