There’s only a couple days left to Bluestocking Collective’s Digital Comics Festival! When you support me by buying my digital comics through the fest, you’re also supporting a badass collective bookstore. You literally can’t go wrong, unless you miss this short window of time!!!!

Thinking about organizing a live drawing hang in a park some time soon. Anyone interested in this?

Horrible, horrifying news on my feed today. Considering how the government is incentivizing eugenics rather than making housing and life accessible, let’s the very least keep masking up.

Sharing this preview of a new zine I’ll be sending out to my patrons soon! This will be the first chapter in a new long form project I started last summer, but didn’t finish. Let’s goooo

@VanisleJay you all make great points and I’m def here for outdoor shows and masks as a safety policy. I personally still have a lot of social anxiety though, after spending two years mostly indoors, so not sure how much I see myself attending 🫥

It’s time for my ! Hi I’m Nina and I’m a non binary artist in Montreal. I live a very cozy life with my partner Larry and our cat Vashti. I make illustrations and comics, as well as the occasional mural. I also have a patreon called the Snail Mail Society, where I send out monthly zines and postcards! I’m currently trying to get a little more with the times though, and am interested in learning more about vr art and webcomics. So nice to meet you, let’s be pals!