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français svp? 

Même si la grande langue de la rue à Montréal est un genre de français (avec d'influence de beaucoup d'autres langues en plusieurs cas, bien sûr, et surtout l'anglais), la langue de l'internet montréalais auj. est anglais. C'est aussi ma maternelle. Et j'ai des ami·e·s et/ou followers qui ne parlent pas français. Alors 😐 ce compte est pour la plupart en anglais

Mes opinions:
- :blobfoxdrakedislike: nationalisme
- :blobfoxdrakelike: diversité linguistique
- 🗣️ FR si tu veux

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le français est sur l'autre côté. "man of technological experience" vient d'ici:

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how to direct message me 

If you already have a Mastodon or fediverse account, that's easy. Just send me a ✉️-tagged message at my Masto ID: [@]ombres[@] minus the brackets

Otherwise, you should be able to find my email address elsewhere on this page, likely to the right or at the top. (It's written that way to evade spam from bots)

for tech nerds only:

Initiate contact thru plaintext. I can use Briar, PGP email, Element (my preferences in that order), or some other options as well


le mot anglais "reference" sur un CV, est-ce juste le même mot sur un CV français, voire "référence"? j'suis pas certain et mes recherches m'a rendu la vérité plus ambigue, lol

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✨ With the Queen's Jubilee coming up and the current state of the government, please make sure you check in on your communist/socialist friends in the UK during these difficult times. ✨

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Here in the Twin Cities, a notoriously right-wing teevee reporter ran a hit piece fed by the mayor, about a flyer with the words "YOU SWEEP WE STRIKE" that listed public officials responsible for camp evictions.

This video posted on twitter by tcparkresponder juxtaposes the copaganda tv piece with actual experiences of camp residents at evictions over the past winter (and shows a pretty based flyer in the process lmaooo)

(3 min video, subtitled)

I wish the @anarchismhub newsbot would be a little bit more forthcoming about the fact that it is recently posting a bunch of news from several years ago from @subMedia and/or just stop doing it, lol

although a trip down memory lane is nice sometimes

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I'll take that as a compliment 😘 :black_bloc_blob:

Kudos to y'all if you figure out what “Simoun Magsalin” is in reference to.

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we live in a society. you could even say society is among us.
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Some #delightful #Fediverse project additions..

3 utilities:

- #MastoBot for easy bot creation

- #toot for sharing cross-instance on #Mastodon

- #Shareon stylish, ethical share buttons

1 new federated app:

- @Swanye tumblelog in the style of #Tumblr

1 new fedi client:

- #Tokodon for #KDE #Plasma, Plasma Mobile

Soon to be admired on in the fedi apps, clients and dev resources sub-lists (once CI-regen is done).

Start your own delightful list? Ping me..

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"gun control," uspol 

I'd appreciate if I didn't have to see any discussions about "gun control" as a solution to the fact that amerikan society grooms people to be violently anti-black/white supremacist. Maybe think about the history of gun control and who would be enforcing it (the fucking anti-black/anti-indigenous-as-shit murdering cops). And please stop erasing anti-blackness as a central issue in a literal anti-black pogrom on children in an openly fascist state, thanksss

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@needle I agree with all of this, but… idk. When people weren’t being cops about it, the idea was to make queer people feel safer and to get people used to not assuming gender from looks. And it’s been getting steadily less popular as the backlash intensifies and people feel less safe about being out. So I understand and agree, but it makes me a little sad

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Reasons why someone may not want pronouns in their bio:

1. Person doesn’t want to out themselves
Because of:
A. Abusive family
B. Abusive community
C. Not comfortable yet
D. Repressive government
E. Employer retaliation/abuse

2. Persons native language doesn’t have pronouns, and doesn’t want that linguistic imperialism shit pressed on them

3. Person is unsure of their pronouns

4. And more reasons I can’t list in the character limit. But you get the idea.

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ok y'all you heard the man. when is each of you doing your 9€ Sylt vacation and what are you planning?

* Loud music on the streets, trains and after 10pm. Boomboxes, street voguing.
* Loud kinky sex after 10pm
* Gay cruising in public spaces
* Antifaschistische Aktion
* Strongly-scented foreign food in containers from home eaten in shared spaces
* shamanic spirit rituals in public places. offerings at crossroads
* Slutty outfits 24/7
* Visibly trans bodies: beach episode special
* smelly incense, patchouli
* Oh no your upper-class neighbourhood has writing in it :(

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let's fucking goooooooooooooooo

#摆烂 #LetItRot

“‘Lying flat’ equates to spending little effort and adopting a laid-back attitude, whereas ‘let it rot’ means not caring whatsoever, seeing as there is nothing to be done.”

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