Pinned post is "hosting" Fun-A-Day this February. We're encouraging our users (and anyone else who wants!) to participate. If you're [insert winter/pandemic/life under capitalism problems] and looking for a little external support and encouragement in doing a project, fostering a new habit or just shaking up your routine, you're welcome to join us!

Post with the hashtag if you wanna participate, and follow @funaday for updates and to see what others are up to!

Dear @funaday community, anyone have a yukele i can borrow for the month? I am gonna try and learn for my activity!

human body composed of
62% ice
32% peanut butter
6% road salt
1% noodle

Im preparing for Felix-A-Day in case anyone thought I couldn’t be more obnoxious abt this :PunkFelix:

Pls submit your requests lol

I've been trying to write a hype post, because there are only 9 DAYS left until February and I am trying to be the Fun-A-Day hypeman. The truth is, I am not feeling very hyped today, and I can't really fake it. Winter is kicking my ass and reducing me to a sad unmotivated husk. Maybe you are in the same boat, or maybe it's less drastic, but anyways thats exactly why we need to remind us that we aren't alone in these sad slushy times and we can make and do and stick to things

🐳 A book of whales
London, J. Murray;1900.

Bummer @life_lit has is over. Had a of a good time! So many gr8 ideas. Now 2 figure out which way's up ;) #bhlib #pod

How am I supposed to get motivated to go jam in the winter when Café Dei Campi is closed for the WHOLE MONTH 😭

Today we're excited to release a very first beta release of the new Briar Desktop:

Gonna try to record vocals for the 2nd Verify demo this weekend (which has had the instruments recorded since last spring, whoops 😅) it's like basically the scariest thing ever but I think some yelling in a room will be very cathartic and good for me right now

I guess if I'm gonna do music for I should start playing guitar more to get ready. February starts in 11 days .......

Wages For Spending My Entire Day Before I Go To Work Stressing About Work

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