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it's not worth it! it's just not worth it! goodbye, everyone. i'll remember you all in therapy. holographic meatloaf? my favorite!

St-Édouard-de-Maskinongé, le 15 octobre 2021, un groupe d’allochtones a bloqué le chemin de fer du CN reliant Montréal à l’Abitibi et au Saguenay–Lac-St-Jean pendant un peu plus d’une heure.


The first few times I made pie after I went vegan again it went shockingly well and I got overconfident. Im pretty out of practice and havent been baking much the last year or so. Definitely winged it.

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I just made a pie cause I've been wanting to for a few days, and I have a strong suspicion its going to be a disaster ☹️

Rare and excellent buzzer system encountered today. Apartment listing is all backlit green text and every apartment (in a large building) has it's own labeled buzzer button. Never change.

Will my sourdough starter live up to it's name for the 5th time being abandoned in the fridge for like 3 months?? Stay tuned to find out.

Earlier this fall I was using a sticker chart to try and make myself play guitar every single day, even just for 10 mins, even if I didn't write any riffs. I get so wadded up about "trying to write" that removing the pressure and just making it a no-brainer is really helpful – the choice is already made, it's just something that has to be done. It felt really good at the time, and I fell off because I got busy and then I got sick, and now I don't have an excuse so I think I'm gonna try again.

Sunday October 24

Clayborne (Mars trilogy themed post-hardcore)
Flat Teeth (peace punk)
Amarior (ambient drone noise)

Doors 5:30
Bands at 6:00
Outdoor location in Mile End TBA

This is a really good read and while I disagree a bit, it gets to a lot of the thoughts I've been having re: technology recently.

New Year's Eve show at Traxide:
Doomsday Dementia
$10 doors 8:30, show 9.
Check out this sick flyer 👇 :acab:

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