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Feel free to request a follow, I'm much more likely to accept it if your profile isn't totally empty :)

Will accept follow requests from all users :PunkFelix:

I am having my whole lifetime's worth of tire problems this spring. Nobody deserves this many tire problems. Not even me!

@peoplelikedogs @jockhardware you either build your personality around d beats or blast beats. There’s no in between. Me? I’m a blaster.

I just remembered this sound file where i butcher schratze's name in my local finnish dialect.

Which gave me a cursed idea: for every boost I'll butcher *your* fedi user name too.

Courier strikes spotlight lack of worker rights in Azerbaijan.
During the pandemic, “violating workers' rights has become a social norm.”

#Solidarity with these striking couriers!!

About to go on a long bike tour and I'm kinda bored of podcasts rn (maybe the endless/repetitive ads are getting to me).

ISO audiobook recommendations - probably mostly just into sci fi and/or gay stuff, but open to other things.

Very sweet of Gale to keep me company the last few days I've been working my new computer job, I was anxious about my first deadline but she's been right there snoozing in her little box

Its probably our 1 day of the year of good weather so im really trying to enjoy it

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How do you generally want people to interact with your toots about distressing personal issues?

For reference. I really try to channel this energy when I am riding in wind and rain and the plastic sheeting isnt cooperating

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My kitchen window spider has returned this year. Unfortunately on the inside of the window? I have relocated them to the outside part of the windowsill where spiders usually build a very efficient web and the fly catching is much better. More updates to come once they get a web set up.

@nev maybe you can ID from this silhouette?

Woke up to the windows rattling out of their frames this morning, I think its gonna be one of those biking into a wall all day kinda days. Happy the heat broke though, I wasn't ready.

Finished my mixtape for a swap and now I'm just dubbing copies. Only... 14 hours behind the deadline, pg

I scrambled my brain from listening to too much punk the last few hours trying to finish my mixtape on time, so I'm cleansing my palate with some hi-life and trying to stay awake for an eclipse - Jon K. - Asaboni

feeling like a broken record but uh fuck "hate crimes" and hate crime legislation, and fuck "hate" as a framework through which to understand racism, homophobia, transphobia, or other modes of reactionary, violent and otherwise oppressive belief + attendant action

Which opener at this will play for too long/take too long to setup.and blow the vebue mandated end time?

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