Earlier this fall I was using a sticker chart to try and make myself play guitar every single day, even just for 10 mins, even if I didn't write any riffs. I get so wadded up about "trying to write" that removing the pressure and just making it a no-brainer is really helpful – the choice is already made, it's just something that has to be done. It felt really good at the time, and I fell off because I got busy and then I got sick, and now I don't have an excuse so I think I'm gonna try again.


Just putting this here for semi-public accountability lol.

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@peoplelikedogs @scabrielle

I used to have a similar thing. Even just picking up my guitar and playing palm muted downstrokes with only one hand counted, AND it certainly counted in making me a tighter player
The best prep I can think of leading up to a show/tour/recording is to play the songs in your bedroom every day for a week leading up to it. Just once through the set every day helps so much. And the best sets are usually like 15 min or less.
I certainly can't follow my own advice though.

@peoplelikedogs @scabrielle @VanisleJay my brother basically gave me the same advice (to try and play at least 15 minutes daily) when I was first picking up the guitar and it’s still solid and result-proven advice to this day. I’ve certainly neglected it a lot in recent years and it really shows whenever I go back to it

@piltdownworship @peoplelikedogs @scabrielle

Like 90% of my bass ability came from one 4 month summer (I think 1998?) of dating someone in music school with very musical friends.
What inspires someone to practice more than looking bad in front of their crush?

@VanisleJay @piltdownworship current practice motivations: 1. Martin bugging me (in a good way) 2. Dreaming about the next PV revival 😌

@VanisleJay @piltdownworship but yeah, it truly does work. Even a few weeks of it earlier this fall I felt like 5000% better and more confident.

@piltdownworship maybe we should book a far-future show together as motivation

@VanisleJay @piltdownworship @peoplelikedogs that's some good motivation. unless your crush is a punk and then we all play things bad and it's great.

@VanisleJay @piltdownworship @peoplelikedogs literally picking up my guitar/bass is always the hardest part for me. once I get started it usually goes okay and feels good, but a lot of the time I'm like "what's the point" because I forget about feeling good because

@scabrielle @VanisleJay @piltdownworship yeah, that's why for me trying to remove that decision about doing it / not doing it feels very critical

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