I just made a pie cause I've been wanting to for a few days, and I have a strong suspicion its going to be a disaster ☹️


The first few times I made pie after I went vegan again it went shockingly well and I got overconfident. Im pretty out of practice and havent been baking much the last year or so. Definitely winged it.

@stomachxache ooof idk I've had some bad pie crust. At the very least I am not a fool, I keep my shit COLD and I do NOT overmix 🙅

@stomachxache what's your favourite pie I need inspiration to keep my sights set on the next pie

@peoplelikedogs chocolate cream but that’s kind of a fake pie so I’m gonna go pumpkin cause it’s in season. I’m spoiled as shit my partner is a baker and I think I basically eat a diff pie every month, they made a foraged blackberry pie a couple months ago that was next level

@peoplelikedogs I have a legendary apple pie recipe that was my go-to for years. Now whenever I make it it kinda sucks 💁‍♂️

@piltdownworship I think I have made my worst pie. Things can only improve from here. Also there is no rolling pin at martins house so I used a thermos to roll the dough out lol.

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