anti-family theory, statement of love and hope 

all i'm saying is this: if you dread holiday season with your parents and family, i love you, and i wish you all the strength, safety, fortitude and autonomy to disassociate at will and associate on your own terms, and that these decisions to relate to family be fully, consensually yours.

to the entrapped minors: i'm sorry for my failure as an adult that we have yet to burn your social prison to the ground -- i'm working on it.

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asking for a novel recommendation 

@eunice One of my favourite scifi novellas is Babel-17 by Samuel R. Delaney. Also really love Ted Chiang's short stories.

@jockhardware this is the meme that finally made me have to look it up lol

@joemama like...put in the closet at work so people can fuck off and hide in the closet and read zines instead of working???

Finally just had to look up "pondering the orb" to figure out why everyone is talking about pondering orbs. Its just an illustration of a wizard pondering an orb that went viral. Its so funny getting the fedi digest of "things happening on other social media." You can always tell something is happening over there because suddenly everyone is talking about the same topic or is doing defensive "takes" about things that seem fine and reasonable. Or just like, posting orb memes but who knows why.

Instead of shilling for spot*fy, how about we all post the niche genres of insurrecto zines we read the most of this year #distroism @ftpdistro @Filler_PGH @MKELitSupply @sproutdistro @igd_news

Grief / death 

Feeling extra sad today about the loss of a friend this week; took a second in this cold, quiet, austerely beautiful spot to be alone with my feelings, to think about them and to appreciate what I have.

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A series of pretty questionable decisions lead me to be biking through the snow in the woods on top of the mountain at sunset but its so beautiful and peaceful up here and I don't really regret it.

@peoplelikedogs "Pouvez-vous m'éxpliquer, la democratie, ça ressemble à quoi? Ben c'est ce-ici, en fait!" les manifestants ont crié en anglais en arrivant au Carré Matante...

@anarchistbicycleclub its "À qui la rue ? À nous la rue !" unfortunately is also very snappy in French and reeeeeeally popular

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