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Key facts around COVID #CovidIsNotOver

You can catch Covid multiple times.
Reinfections are common, not rare.
Breakthrough infections are common.
Covid can kill you months after you recover.
It can cause brain damage.
It can cause blood clots and heart attacks.
It doesn’t spare children.
Vaccines help, but only some.
Masks work.

Took a break from densely layered fuzz-drones to make a little pretty song with the old classical guitar kindly given to me by @ombres. If you’re feeling sad or angry on this cold, dark Sunday evening, maybe this is for you? I used to play in a million noisy h/c bands, I swear

I hope this finds you well
Among all these reflective surfaces
The rent’s too steep, the wait’s too long
To let it define our purpose
Somewhere in this there is a song
That sings of a different turn
A blink and a kiss, and the empires fell
I hope this finds you

I have been winter biking for I think seven years now, and every year I learn how to do it a little better. This year so far I learned that finally having a rear fender totally does *not* eliminate the need for rain pants. Just spent 20 minutes using a heat gun to dry my butt

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#OtD 16 Nov 1922 the communist writer and Nobel prize full literature winner José Saramago was born in Azinhaga, Portugal. He was a prominent critic of the power of the Catholic Church, as well as an activist for Palestinian and Cuban solidarity

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There's something oddly comforting about the idea that "if you're not paying for the product, you're the product," namely, the corollary: "If you can afford to pay for a product, you won't be the product." But it's bullshit. Companies don't make you the product because you don't pay - they make you the product because you can't stop them.


Anybody know where I can find this stuff on a Sunday? Trying to remove a seized seatpost and apparently every bike shop in the city is closed till like Tuesday?

There is something magical in the combination of maple syrup and garlic

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Finance Minister Christina Freeland makes close to 300k per year in ministerial salary alone, owns four houses, and is telling struggling Canadians that they should cut Disney+. It’s so condescending that I can barely believe it’s real. Meanwhile the biggest corporations in Canada are posting record profits and oweing tens of billions in unpaid taxes. Maybe those taxes should be collected and the obviously coordinated price gouging should be investigated instead of this out of touch BS?

Halfway through watching Wendell & Wild with the kid, and in addition to it being a rad anticapitalist prison-abolitionist movie about necromancy with Jordan Peele, it also has a killer soundtrack, with X-Ray-Spex, Fishbone, Special Interest, Death and more. Highly recommended if you like watching childrens’ movies for some reason!

It’s 2:30am on November 6th and I just biked home in a t-shirt

CW: alcoholic beverage?

This is how easy it is to wear a mask at shows

After years of using a kids’ trailer, and then a weird makeshift bucket thing as a utility trailer, I finally broke down and bought a flatbed. I am perhaps unreasonably stoked

My lil’ Entity 303 with the tallish ghoul haunting @VanisleJay ’s front yard

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Hey does anybody know where to score Dr Bronner’s for cheap? I used to just wait till it went on supersale at the Provigo near here, scan one or two at the self-checkout and swipe a couple more, but since they’ve rebranded to Maxi everything’s more expensive and I don’t think they even carry yuppie granola crap like that anymore. Also a security guard now greets you at the door, fuck I hate that place

Sentience is separation from the universal mind, Y/N?

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