hey, i’m hex (they/them), a nonbinary artist and musician living in Tiohtià:ke/so-called montréal. i’ve hopped over from another instance to the Punk House to connect with more people in the local community.

i’m in an experimental ritual ambient/horror drone band called Blood and Dust. i play cello sadly and aggressively, and sing likewise. i’m also currently learning music production and working on a solo project (details TBA). i like to dress up, wear corpse paint, and take photos in creepy places at night.

weird, goth, introvert, and a late-blooming and recovering queer living with chronic illness and pain. i have an affinity for things dark and deep, and my art and interests lean heavily towards these things on various levels. i’m an anarchist stepping into their integrity with lots to learn. witch.

looking forward to getting to know more people on here and at events.




I'm pretty sure one of your music videos got boosted into my timeline a while back. Neat stuff!

@RussSharek hey, awesome! thanks for letting me know it's been circulating. 🙂

@voidxwitch yooooo

I should join this server how didn’t i know about it

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