Sopor Aeternus anyone?

Melancholic, neo-classical, gothy sometimes carnaval-ish darkwave ballads?

Y'all ready? Let's see how accurate they will be. Ima get the tea and snax

For those who watched "The Baldies" documentary, I just came across this and think it could be of interest to some people here. Cheers.

Virtuosic acoustic guitar sometimes-american-folky-but-generally-feels-narrative sounds. No vocals in this album but I adoooore his voice too.

Robbie Basho - Twilight Peaks

Hey all, I am looking to buy a packable, quick drying travel/camping towel. Anyone have any recommendations- preferably in person stores (MTL) cause I am in a bit of a bind for time and if I order now online, I might not get it in time. Thanks in advance.

Also do I have to spend like 150$+ each piece? This isn't even the regular rain jacket I'd wear(which I still have to buy too). I'd wear this item probs like 5 times a year?

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1 hour and 10+ sites later, I can't seem to find rain suits/shells (top and bottom, or overalls) for size small or xs, men's or womens, ideally black? Is hi-vis my only option? Found a couple but I don't know if the sites are legit and what if I don't get what I ordered.

Plz halp. 😭 I will be wearing a small jacket underneath. Need to arrive shipping max the 8th or 9th. Or maybe you know of something in montreal?

Thanks in advance.

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