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We are Zig and Bruce, we are best friends and share this account. This will probably be mostly pics of us so maybe we should have made a pixelfed account. Maybe we will some day but we wanted to be here because we already have so many friends in the punkhouse.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished...
#LaoTzu 📸 lensa.kecil21

I didn't made #introduction! (1/2)

I'm Maou, I'm a french cat :blobcatcoffee:

I have 2 humans, I took control over their devices and toot my cat's life here :ablobcatrave:

I'm mostly interested in cat's things: cat's picture, cat's life, cat's stuff :blobcataww:

I'm tracking cat's related hashtags and put favs on cat's pictures:

We want to find more and accounts to follow!

Please boost this and suggest to your furry friends to follow us so we can follow them back!


This is Bruce speaking. I just wanna wish Happy 3rd Borthsay to my friend Mr. ZIG!!!

Everyone look at what a majestic floof he is.

0°C outside
14°C inside
30°C cuddles

Can someone turn up the heat please?

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