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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. READ THE SERVER INFO & GUIDELINES which are HERE: https://438punk.house/about/more

Welcome to 438 PUNK HOUSE

This is a Mastodon instance set up for punks, queers, and our friends in Montreal.

Our intention is for this instance to serve users who are based in Montreal. So, locals only please. If you are looking for an instance with open registration, we recommend kolektiva.social.

What is Mastodon?

Here is a cute video that explains what Mastodon is:

Mastodon is one implementation of the fediverse, which allows many different instances of many different open-source and self-hosted social media-type applications to interconnect. No single company or person can own or control the entire network. Anyone can run a server (called an instance), and the users and administrators of any instance can decide their own guidelines and which other instances they want to interact with.

We chose Mastodon over other options because it is the most widely adopted and the most user-friendly.

On Mastodon, there are no ads, there is no algorithm feeding you posts, and you have greater control over your user data. There are numerous other really nice features that other social media doesn't have:

  • Individual privacy control for each post
  • Content warnings
  • Image descriptions
  • Many controls for safety and filtering
  • An easy place to include pronouns on your profile
  • No ads

There is plenty of documentation on Mastodon, how it works, and how to use it here.

What is 438 PUNK HOUSE

438punk.house is our attempt to get more of our friends on Montreal using Mastodon instead of corporate social media for the punk-adjacent online social connection, including for promoting and talking about shows and music. But really it will be up to the users what the instance gets used for.

This is our first time trying to run a server like this. So there might be some hiccups. We host and manage the server ourselves. Right now we are fronting the costs (which are very small). If the instance becomes more popular, we may ask for donations or run some benefits to help cover the server costs.


We are anarchists so we don't like rules, but there are guidelines to help maintain the sustainability and health of the instance. These may change as things go on. Please contact @admin@438punk.house if you have input or suggestions!

Please note that if you disagree with any of these guidelines in theory or practice, you are welcome to set up your own Mastodon instance with your own guidelines/rules!

Don't post content that is flatly racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, misogynistic, or otherwise bigoted.

This will defacto include any symbols, slogans, memes/jokes, or vapid talking points of the reactionary far right. Don't be an edge-lord either.

Don't use your account to harass or troll other users on 438punk.house.

Don't use your account to harass or troll other users on other instances.

When interacting with users out in the broader fediverse, you represent 438punk.house to some extent. So avoid trolling or harassing other users, even if they are on other instances. This can lead to other instances blanket blocking (defederating) with 438punk.house which is usually bad. If you pick fights with bad people, they can also follow you back to 438punk.house and harass other users here - if you want to pick fights on Mastodon, even with bad people, consider launching those attack from your own instance and not from here!

Don't use your account to harass or troll regular people in general.

Become familiar with the privacy and account moderation settings on Mastodon and use them.

Every post on Mastodon has it's own individual privacy control. It can be a Direct message, Followers-only, Unlisted, or Public. Here is an explanation of publishing privacy levels. You also have many ways to deal with unwanted content/users. You can filter posts, mute or block users, block an entire instance, and report problems to moderators. More info here.

Don't post any illegal content, or talk about illegal acts, or otherwise post anything that could cause legal trouble for the server (where your images and posts live).

It's a stupid idea to do that here for your own safety, but also don't bring the heat to the punk house. Go smoke down the block.

Use Content Warnings for the following types of content

  • Nudity
  • Gore
  • Drug use/paraphernalia
  • Text detailing a sexual act
  • Text mentioning suicide, self-harm, abust, rape, or sexual assault
  • Spoilers

When it doubt, it's easy to include a Content Warning, so why not err on the side of caution? It's polite!

Try to use Image Descriptions

Mastodon allows the easy including of image descriptions to any image being posted. This is more of a strong suggestion than a firm guideline - but consider writing an image description every time you post an image. Image descriptions are very helpful to anyone who uses a screen reader, and offer many other benefits to a lot of users. It's a bit of a polite social norm here. And it's easy!

Mobile Apps

There are a variety of ways to connect to 438punk.house and use Mastodon. You can connect using your browser (probably like you are right now). Using Mastodon through a browser is the most powerful way to use it. There are a few more options, you can configure more of your preferences, and it's a lot easier to find and follow new people.

There are also a couple of really good mobile apps. We suggest Tusky or Fedilab for Android, and Metatext or Toot! (not free) for iOS. And there are lots of others. If you find one you like better, let us know! You can always use Mastodon in a browser on your phone if all else fails!

Please note when using these apps, you have have already created an account here, at 438punk.house. When connecting an app to your account here, you need to tell the app three things, the instance you are on (438punk.house), your username, and your password. Many apps will default to the instance mastodon.social if you do not provide you own instance. This is the biggest instance run by the developers of Mastodon, and you probably don't want to be there. Logging in won't work if you don't properly indicate your instance!

Tips for new users!

Here are some tips for new users of 438punk.house to optimize your landing here!

If you are coming from one of the mainstream social media networks like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, there is definitely some culture shock.

First of all, a pep talk: give Mastodon an honest effort. Regular social media wasn't easy to get used to the first time you used it, but now your brain is trained to fully mesh with it. Mastodon is different and it will feel very different at first. If you don't give it an honest effort, you won't get anything out of it either.

One thing that is important when you create a new account is to fill in some basic info in your profile. Remember this profile is public, so act accordingly. You need to include some info about yourself (pronouns are a good idea) and what you are interested in if you want to meet some strangers (no one follows-back an empty profile with 0 posts). You need to include some kind of info if you want your friends to find you and know who it is.

When you first create an account, there is a good chance you will have trouble finding any content on your timeline at all. It will be shockingly empty. Mastodon has no recommendation algorithm, no recommendation system besides recommending a few users for you to follow when you join. You really have to go out and find people to follow to populate your timeline. Mastodon will not do that work for you! It can be a bit of a shock to have to do all that work, but remember that the plus-side is there is no algorithm analyzing all your content and deciding who/what to recommend to you. You are in full control!

A good way to find people to follow on 438punk.house is to find a few friends (hopefully you know some who brought you here). Look at who they follow and who follows them, look for your other friends! Another good place to look is the Local timeline. This will show you all posts from other people on 438punk.house - have a look and start following!

There's a chance you are reading this at a time when 438punk.house isn't heavily used (I say that because as I am writing this, there are like 5 of us on here). So honestly, there probably isn't a lot to see because there arn't that many people posting! Hopefully we can help change that. But in the meantime, there is a whole wild world of other Mastodon instances out there with lots of interesting people to follow. Exploring this world is a lot easier on a browser logged into your account. For example, the profile directory lets you see users who have opted to be listed either on our instance, or in the known fediverse (on all instances that 438punk.house knows about). There are lots of interesting people there (especially anarchists, queers, and nerds).

The last thing is to use it! Post and interact. Everyone here is also new. Any social interactions (liking, replying, boosting) go a long way to building the social network. So get tootin'!


The fediverse is a big place. Right now 438punk.house is pretty young and small, so we are not federated with that many other instances, and instances we are federated with are for the most part pretty cool places. As the instances grows, there will be more and more federation with other instances. It's a big world out there, and anyone can run a Mastodon instance. There are corners of the fediverse that are far-right, or trolls, or spam-bots, or lolita porn. We can (and will) blanket block any instances that cater to users and content like that, and we have already preemptively blocked a long list of known bad-instances. But it is worth being aware that that stuff can pop up in the Global timeline. It's very helpful if you report that kind of stuff using the built in Moderation tools so that we can take appropriate action.

On Mastodon you have much more control over your data, but you should also be aware of what the limits are for your own safety, security, and privacy. Your profile and any public posts are visible by anyone. All of your posts and content is stored on our server in an unencrypted way. The server keeps all kinds of logs. Direct messages are not end-to-end encrypted and should not be used for anything that requires security, or extreme privacy. Use Signal if you need that.